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File Archiver | WinZip

If you’re managing a lot of files whether for work or personal purposes, nothing could be better then to download WinZip for free to use for zipping up those files.


This software may be free of charge and is licensed under the GNU General Public License however its features are quite impressive that not only advanced users will learn to appreciate this software but as well as those novice ones.


WinZip free download for windows 7 and 8 software is considered by many as a go to Zip software which is a good compressor engine to use. One of the best things about WinZip is the fact that it can handle a lot of archive file type making it very flexible and reliable.






WinZip File Archiver


WinZip is filled with features not commonly found on other compressor engine and as a start, this software is capable of not just extracting files from ZIP archives but as well as create and add files.


Download of WinZip enables Email ZIP archives and the ability to decompress different file formats such as the following: .bz2, LHA, LZH and .rar. This software also supports the ARJ and as well as the ARC archives.


For those who don’t know, WinZip can do so much more such as offering a configurable Microsoft Windows Shell integration, ability to directly write to CDs and DVDs.



WinZip Download


This is definitely a must as it can run on different computer platforms such as the Mac, iOS, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Server 2012, also winzip free download for windows 7 and Android.


With this is mind, it is therefore a must to download WinZip and take advantage of its useful and reliable features. Simple yet strong and totally powerful.



WinZip Download Windows


There’s more that WinZip can offer, it can receive dozens of zip files, supports files such as images, texts, and even those files that are directly from the web! Winzip software is 100% portable, because it is available on both iOS and Android; anyone can use this software right on their mobile devices or tablets.


It is capable of viewing images in this format; jpeg, jpg, gif and bmp. For text files, this software can read formats such as txt, rtf, csv, log, java, cpp, sql and dozens more.



WinZip Download Mac


If you’re concerned about the safety of your documents and your privacy, WinZip got it all covered. The use of encrypted files is not a problem as it can read and open encrypted files especially those that are sensitive and quite confidential.


In addition, users can also protect their own files with the use of its banking level AES encryption feature. If you want to share files easily, users can make use of its cloud services or email.



Start managing your files easily with less hassle and no headache. It is really simple to use, it comes with a friendly user interface, basic functions yet filled with useful and handy features.


WinZip operation doesn’t require too much steps, just doing few clicks will help users manage this software efficiently. So if you want a fast compressor engine tool that works cleanly and impressively, nothing could really top WinZip software. So download WinZip for windows 7 or any other operating system now and be worry free when it comes to file archives.


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