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The 3 Best File Compression Software

👤 🕔 November 15, 2014 0

There will always be a need for file compression software – when your computer memory is almost full, or you need to send an important email but Google or Yahoo! only allows up to 25MB of files to be uploaded. In this case, having a file compression tool will come in handy. However, there are tons of file compression programs in the market. The question now is, how will you know which among these tools are the best in the field?

Here are three of the best file compression software available today.

The 3 Best File Compression Software

The 3 Best File Compression Software


There are many file compression tools out there. Among them, 7-Zip is one of the most downloaded file archiving tools because of its compression and decompression features. At the same time, it can cater to different formats such as ZIP, RAR or GZ and can work with any operating system, which makes it a favorite among many users. Aside from this, this file compression software can help you manage and organize your files with only a few clicks.

The best feature of 7-Zip is its high compression capacity, making file extraction easier and hassle-free.


Are you a Windows user? If you have been using Windows for the longest time, then you must be familiar with WinRAR. Compared to other file compression tools, WinRAR is the highly compatible software for Windows that comes with simple and user-friendly interface.

It is also an all-in-one file compression package with quality and efficient file archiving technology and strong encryption wall to make sure all of your files are safe and secured.

What sets WinRAR apart from other file compression software is that this tool is very easy to use, as if you are opening a file from your computer’s folder.


Another favorite among computer users is WinZip. Licensed under GNU General Public License, WinZip is capable of smooth archiving with excellent decompression features. It is also capable of opening different data archive formats and can support various files such as but not limited to word documents, PDF files, photos and videos and even music files.

Believe it or not, it can even be accessed on any type of operating system such as Android, Windows, iOS and the likes. More importantly, WinZip is considered as the software of the decade, a title it truly deserves because of its extreme reliability and unparalleled features.

The best asset of these file compression tools their cost. You don’t have to shell anything from your pocket since these software come for free.

There are many other file compression tools available in the market. Although noteworthy, these three file compression software are among the best in the field and can cater to you according to your needs and preferences.

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