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There are lot of exciting features that WinZip has to offer, aside from being free and user friendly it also offers impressive sharing capabilities. The ability of WinZip to share compressed files in more convenient options is what makes this software program truly recommendable. You can share multiple zipped files in any form faster and simultaneously. What is more interesting is that you can take advantage of all these amazing features for absolutely no cost involved. Sharing options is unlimited which means anyone who wishes to share files to even hundreds of other users are welcome.

You can share your multiple zip images in extremely high resolution. You can also utilize WinZip Zip and Share to send important files like presentations, reports and even more delicate files in the most secure way. Another is that WinZip is best in organizing personal files like resume and portfolio when you need it for job application or you want to update it from time to time. In addition, WinZip is best in sending compressed files through email. You can actually send 50 MB to 2 GB of free zip file via email.

Furthermore, Zip and Share feature is made more interesting and essential because you can actually send multiple zip files through the popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter in its most secure way. These are just few amazing features of WinZip Zip and Share, there are still a lot to discover when you take advantage of this amazing software for free. So download WinZip now and save yourself from exerting too much effort sharing files. Make your file sharing experience stress free, convenient, efficient and above all memorable! If you’re not convinced, please note that this software comes with millions of downloads which only shows that users of this software are pleased and happy with what this program can put in the table.