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How to Better Organize Your Computer Files

👤 🕔 September 1, 2014 0

Computers are wonderful gadgets that allow us to keep a multitude of data. However, because people usually just upload files into their computers without organizing them, looking for them can become quite difficult. Pictures, music, videos, documents and other digital files can clutter your computer. If you’re having a difficult time looking for data on your computer, it’s time to set up a filing system that will work for you.

  1. Determine the Importance

The first thing that you need to do is to go over all your data and consider each file’s importance. You have to decide which one you want to keep or delete. If you’re planning to move them to a different location, for example, an external hard drive, you also have to figure out which ones you want to keep on your computer.

  1. Back Up Important Files

While going through some of your folders, you see old Word documents, images and music that you may eventually use in the future. However, keeping them as is for the moment can slow down your computer considerably. You don’t want to delete them because you’re sure you’re going to need them someday. What to do? Thanks to the Cloud, it’s now possible to make a back-up of your important files without having to delete them. If you’re worried about the large size of your data, you can compress them using software like Winzip. That way, it would be easier to upload them to the Cloud and it will take less time as well.

  1. Make an Inventory of Your Data

Copies of pictures, videos, and music are clutter culprits. You may not notice it, but in your haste to transfer pictures from your gadgets to your computer, you may have copied the file twice, even thrice. This usually happens to images, especially when you have the habit of keeping them in your digital camera, and not deleting them. The next time you’re going to copy them to your computer, files will end up with duplicates.

  1. Develop a System

The easiest way you can locate your files is to label them appropriately. This, of course, is entirely up to you. What works for you may not work for some people, so be sure to adopt a system that you’re comfortable with. For example, you may want to label folders with dates for easier searching. You can divide them into sub-categories as well. Photos and videos can be under your images folder, your music files can be according to artists, documents like excel sheets and word docs can fall into one folder. It all depends on you. Just like what you did with the backups, it’s better to keep them in zip files as well. In that way, you can maximize the allocated space.

Organizing your computer is not just about giving you peace of mind and eliminating files that clutter your device. The best thing about reorganizing and de-cluttering is making your computer perform better. It will be faster, and won’t be prone to freezing and lagging anymore.

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