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The Importance of File Compression

👤 🕔 September 20, 2014 0

Every time you need to send out an email, you’ll notice that Yahoo! Or Gmail or any other email platform only allows up to 25MB of files to be transferred. That can be problematic especially when you need to send out voluminous files and you just can’t stand staring in front of the computer, waiting for the files to be sent – one by one. So your colleague will tell you to just zip the files and you’re good to go.

Aside from allowing you to send large amount of data, what else do you think is the importance of file compression?


Why should you compress files?


Reduce disk space

Did you know that by compressing files, you can actually free up some space on your hard drive or web server? In fact, word files can be compressed up to ninety percent of its original size, giving you extra disk space to store other equally important data and information.

Further, file compression also reduces the amount of time a server needs to find the files stored on the hard drives, regardless of the Internet speed.

Increase data transfer speed

Apparently, not everyone is equipped with LTE or any other high-speed internet connections. If you happen to get stuck in a place where locals still use dial-up, then you will still be able to transfer data and not having to worry about connection interruptions. That is another importance of file compression.

Keep in mind that any interruptions during the transfer of data may corrupt the files and increase the chances of a user to receive an unusable file.

Promotes data security

No matter how advanced the technology may be, there are still certain computers that can’t read information in compressed files. In case you have to send valuable information using an Internet server and do not intend to make this information public, compressing files can be your best friend.

This explains why various banks and Internet stores use strong encryption in handling confidential information and send it in compressed format.

Conserves energy

Here’s a fact you should know: file compression requires energy. In fact, every step of file transfer uses power, which is also used to operate the hard drive, modem, router and any other network device, before it reaches to another person’s computer. Since the amount of space is reduced, lesser power will also be used to transmit files.

The bottom line is,  file compression is very important. Aside from, saving your disk space, it also saves you time, money and energy so you can focus on other things too.


Article Name
The Importance of File Compression
send large amount of data, what else do you think is the importance of file compression?
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