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Install & Un-Install

WinZip is the globally trusted zip utilities provider. Millions or even billions of WinZip downloads are the greatest proof that it is the best zip software provider in the world. This is no wonder because installing WinZip just takes quick, easy and simple steps apart from its best features.


Installation Guidelines


WinZip is the best compression tool ever for it is mostly compatible in most giant Operating Systems like Mac and Windows. Although WinZip is available in these two different platforms, basic considerations and guidelines are very important to further guide users of the best way to install the software fast and correct. Here are the best tips for efficient installation.


1. Know your system requirements. It is important that the software that you want to install should compatibly match the basic system requirements in order to avoid errors; software might not be able to recognize or read the system and for the best performance if ever.


2. Always read the user manual. Carefully read the user manual before moving your mouse. Manuals always come with instruction guides, dos and don’ts and with CDs. In WinZip they often provide shortcut links on how to install it in the shortest commands.


3. See to it that you have Internet connections. Most often, installation of new software need Internet connection to link the former to the other needed files especially if you want to install WinZip utilities.


4. Always read and understand the end user agreement. See to it that before you install any software you fully understand all its legal restrictions and policies to avoid any hassle and technical difficulties in the middle of the installation process.


5. Make sure that you install a single program one at a time. It is necessary that you install another program or utilities after you’re done with the first. Multiple installations can sometimes cause errors and slow processes.


How to Install WinZip


WinZip really wanted convenience for their users that even installation process was made very quick and simple. Software can be readily installed in three categories:


1. By WinZip Software Installer


Click the tools tab on the upper part of your computer. Then a dropdown menu will give you the Unzip and Install option. WinZip will then excerpt all files from the Zip file and then moved it to a temporary folder program and will now start to set up. When WinZip setup is done, it will automatically delete all the files.


2. By WinZip Installer for Screen Saver


For Windows user (Vista, 7 and 8), just right click the WinZip icon and strike” Run as Administrator” option. Then WinZip will determine if the open file contains more than one screen saver, just choose the “Unzip “button then install.


3. By  WinZip Desktop Installer


Unfortunately this special feature doesn’t apply with Windows (Vista, 7 and 8). This process is almost similar with the screen saver installation. First, check if the open Zip file contains the theme you need, simply click the install buttons once to install the theme. Then WinZip do the job to extract necessary files to the folder and finally runs the Windows theme installer.


Installing WinZip Mac


Installing WinZip Mac is fast and no sweat. Simply double click your WinZip downloaded file and the instructions will guide you step by step on the screen.


Steps to Uninstall WinZip


1. For Windows


Click the start button, control panel will display on the screen.

Click the control panel once, install/uninstall option will be available on view.

Click install/uninstall all the programs will appear.

Click WinZip then Uninstall.

A dialog box will appear simply click yes.


2. For Mac


First open the “Applications” folder on your computer.

Press and hold the “Ctrl” and click the “WinZip” menu.

Then click the “Move to trash” icon then drag the WinZip file to the trash.


WinZip has indeed the superb tools and utilities to maximize the convenience of compressing software. Even the install/uninstall guides are made more easy.