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The 3 Best File Compression Software

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There will always be a need for file compression software – when your computer memory is almost full, or you need to send an important email but Google or Yahoo! only allows up to 25MB of files to be uploaded. In this case, having a file compression tool will come in handy. However, there are tons of file compression programs in the market. The question now is, how will you know which among these tools are the best in the field?

Here are three of the best file compression software available today.

The 3 Best File Compression Software

The 3 Best File Compression Software


There are many file compression tools out there. Among them, 7-Zip is one of the most downloaded file archiving tools because of its compression and decompression features. At the same time, it can cater to different formats such as ZIP, RAR or GZ and can work with any operating system, which makes it a favorite among many users. Aside from this, this file compression software can help you manage and organize your files with only a few clicks.

The best feature of 7-Zip is its high compression capacity, making file extraction easier and hassle-free.


Are you a Windows user? If you have been using Windows for the longest time, then you must be familiar with WinRAR. Compared to other file compression tools, WinRAR is the highly compatible software for Windows that comes with simple and user-friendly interface.

It is also an all-in-one file compression package with quality and efficient file archiving technology and strong encryption wall to make sure all of your files are safe and secured.

What sets WinRAR apart from other file compression software is that this tool is very easy to use, as if you are opening a file from your computer’s folder.


Another favorite among computer users is WinZip. Licensed under GNU General Public License, WinZip is capable of smooth archiving with excellent decompression features. It is also capable of opening different data archive formats and can support various files such as but not limited to word documents, PDF files, photos and videos and even music files.

Believe it or not, it can even be accessed on any type of operating system such as Android, Windows, iOS and the likes. More importantly, WinZip is considered as the software of the decade, a title it truly deserves because of its extreme reliability and unparalleled features.

The best asset of these file compression tools their cost. You don’t have to shell anything from your pocket since these software come for free.

There are many other file compression tools available in the market. Although noteworthy, these three file compression software are among the best in the field and can cater to you according to your needs and preferences.

Edge of New File Compression Software

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A file compression tool enables user to digitally manage online files, arrange folders, and save it for easy extraction, organization, and accessibility. It allows you to zip all files so no loose folders are hanging around your desktop or laptop. You can also send it via email and share it with an online network. Sharing of files, small and large alike, are all possible with cloud sites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and too many others. It makes you share extremely large files without having to wait while it loads and buffers. You can do these even on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is what the edge of the new file compression software call WinZip.

Edge of New File Compression Software

Edge of New File Compression Software

A good file compression tool is supposed to be able to provide excellent service and utility to users. It should be able to handle numerous large files without having to maximize too much hard drive space. File compression software must be able to archive, zip, and unzip files anytime the user needs it.  It should have an encrypted password for data protection and it should stand the test of time. The edge of new file compression tool such as WinZip is these plus more pronounced features, which are as follows:

  • Drag and drop properties which will be easy to maneuver for both neophyte and inexperienced users, alike.
  • It should be able to self-extract files so accessing files and folders will be as easy as if it is archived manually.
  • It is supposed to support and compress different file formats so no other file compression tool is needed.
  • It should have least complications as it can likely add up to the stressful task of compiling and organizing folders.

Above is what anybody should look for file compression software. Failure to provide or inability to serve any of the above mentioned expectations will likely tag the software poor and inefficient. WinZip is also ultimately free so anybody can actually take advantage of the above functions.

File Compression Edge

Dealing with large files is extremely difficult especially if you have to do it on a daily basis. Zip software like WinZip can definitely do the honors of file archiving for you. For you to determine which among the existing file compression application has the edge, simply look for the one that has the basic and advanced features relevant to the compression project at hand. Technical issues which concern zipping and storing files in hard disks will likely cost you a lot of time. Plus, there is the risk of losing these removable hard disks. This is how sharp the edge of WinZip among others.

Pros and Cons of Compressing Files

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File compression is no hard core information technology stuff. It is simply the processes of making large files smaller by reducing the number of bits and bytes used in a certain data.

Compressing files can be a lot of job when done manually, especially when you are trying to sort original files from copies, and eventually disposing of the unnecessary file duplicates.

It is basically the process of clearing file folders by reducing the number of pages into a zipped folder. It’s simply a conversion of loose files into a zip folder.

Pros and Cons of Compressing Files

Pros and Cons of Compressing Files



Pros and Cons of Compressing Files


File Compression Pros

Zipping of files altogether for organized file keeping and easy access is what file compression tools are most known about. Whatever format a file is, audio or video, it can all be tied together by smart software which will do all the basics of binding and storing. Below are the most pronounced file compression pros:


  • File Transportation

Sharing of records among corporate partners or stakeholders will be easy and smooth.


  • Hard Drive Storage Space

You can make use of the spaces freed when you zip altogether loose files.


  • Cost-efficient Software

This enables you to save on the manpower who will likely do the filing of records.

Compression programs are designed to aid computer staff working on archiving files in order to save it for future use or merely just to put things together. A typical human file saver will be unable to efficiently store records as much as a file compression tool can. Manually finding files is a huge task, so why do it when you have a compression tool to work for you?


File Compression Cons


Just like any other tool, file compression is not perfect. It also has some flaws. It may not be that much but it is still best if this is known by the user as early as possible, so necessary backup can be done or no hurdle will become an issue once you are in the compression process. Below are the cons of file compression:


  • It can complicate files.

Others who are new might have a hard time locating files.


  • Possible errors during file transport.

There is a chance some PC where you transport files into will not be able to load zipped files.


  • Decompression might take time.

The system will have a hard time dislocating itself from the zipped folder.


These do not happen all the time, but it is inevitable that some will pursue. This is dependent on your computer specs as well. There are operating systems that doesn’t work will with certain file compression tools.


File Compression Bottom Line


Though there are still a few lapses in file compression, it is still highly advised to have a file compression software in case you are into saving and archiving numerous files. If your concern is easy tracking of records and storage space conservation, then you are in the right way if you download a compression program.


Best Zip Software for Windows

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Managing bulk files is easy and possible regardless of your purpose. You may need any type of zip software for personal use, for business, or for commercial reasons. The online market has a lot to offer but looking for the best is a pretty tough job. Considering the need for necessary file zip software, quality would be the best factor to remember. Most compression software may be free but most of it will likely take a lot of time to download, or worse, it comes with a price. WinZip so far, has been living up to the following expectations:

Best Zip Software for Windows

Best Zip Software for Windows


Best Zip Software for Windows


  • Fast and efficient file zipping.

Licensed under GNU General Public License, this software are greatly appreciated by advanced users due to the smooth archiving and decompression features.


  • Easy Email transmission with bulk files.

When most of the times, emails with bulk file attached are difficult to transmit or it takes much time to load. With WinZip, the opposite of that happens.


  • Quickly opens 7Z, RAR, and a lot more other data archives.

The tool has smart interface to detect as much as almost a hundred data archive formats which is definitely impressive.


  • Installation and compression can be done only in seconds.

This is absolutely time-saving software which can be the best accomplice in file compression procedures done at home or in the office.


WinZip For Windows 7


System requirement specific for this file archiver is Windows 7. Though this can as well run for other computer platforms such as the Mac, Windows 8, and iOS, this is highly compatible to Windows 7 as it is designed for windows server. With this feature, it is therefore a must to download WinZip so you can take advantage of the great file compression feature it offers. The interface of this tool is pretty simple but the total package is definitely useful. The tool is undeniably reliable. It’s complete support system enables user to maximize file zipping and unzipping.


Free WinZip Download


Privacy and safety of records or files online is well-considered with the use of WinZip. Its file encryption system can handle sensitive and confidential computer readings. Another good feature of this software is it can protect its own files as it utilizes AES encryption level which is as strong as that used in the banking system. There is no reason at all why anybody should not download this. Below are a few of too many reasons:

  • Download is absolutely free.
  • File management will be hassle-free.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • It caters to simple functions but can also handle useful features.

WinZip free downloads for Windows 7 or any other operating system has been made accessible to any user. When it comes to file archives, and the likes, this is definitely the best zip software there is for Windows.


The Importance of File Compression

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Every time you need to send out an email, you’ll notice that Yahoo! Or Gmail or any other email platform only allows up to 25MB of files to be transferred. That can be problematic especially when you need to send out voluminous files and you just can’t stand staring in front of the computer, waiting for the files to be sent – one by one. So your colleague will tell you to just zip the files and you’re good to go.

Aside from allowing you to send large amount of data, what else do you think is the importance of file compression?


Why should you compress files?


Reduce disk space

Did you know that by compressing files, you can actually free up some space on your hard drive or web server? In fact, word files can be compressed up to ninety percent of its original size, giving you extra disk space to store other equally important data and information.

Further, file compression also reduces the amount of time a server needs to find the files stored on the hard drives, regardless of the Internet speed.

Increase data transfer speed

Apparently, not everyone is equipped with LTE or any other high-speed internet connections. If you happen to get stuck in a place where locals still use dial-up, then you will still be able to transfer data and not having to worry about connection interruptions. That is another importance of file compression.

Keep in mind that any interruptions during the transfer of data may corrupt the files and increase the chances of a user to receive an unusable file.

Promotes data security

No matter how advanced the technology may be, there are still certain computers that can’t read information in compressed files. In case you have to send valuable information using an Internet server and do not intend to make this information public, compressing files can be your best friend.

This explains why various banks and Internet stores use strong encryption in handling confidential information and send it in compressed format.

Conserves energy

Here’s a fact you should know: file compression requires energy. In fact, every step of file transfer uses power, which is also used to operate the hard drive, modem, router and any other network device, before it reaches to another person’s computer. Since the amount of space is reduced, lesser power will also be used to transmit files.

The bottom line is,  file compression is very important. Aside from, saving your disk space, it also saves you time, money and energy so you can focus on other things too.


How to Better Organize Your Computer Files

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Computers are wonderful gadgets that allow us to keep a multitude of data. However, because people usually just upload files into their computers without organizing them, looking for them can become quite difficult. Pictures, music, videos, documents and other digital files can clutter your computer. If you’re having a difficult time looking for data on your computer, it’s time to set up a filing system that will work for you.

  1. Determine the Importance

The first thing that you need to do is to go over all your data and consider each file’s importance. You have to decide which one you want to keep or delete. If you’re planning to move them to a different location, for example, an external hard drive, you also have to figure out which ones you want to keep on your computer.

  1. Back Up Important Files

While going through some of your folders, you see old Word documents, images and music that you may eventually use in the future. However, keeping them as is for the moment can slow down your computer considerably. You don’t want to delete them because you’re sure you’re going to need them someday. What to do? Thanks to the Cloud, it’s now possible to make a back-up of your important files without having to delete them. If you’re worried about the large size of your data, you can compress them using software like Winzip. That way, it would be easier to upload them to the Cloud and it will take less time as well.

  1. Make an Inventory of Your Data

Copies of pictures, videos, and music are clutter culprits. You may not notice it, but in your haste to transfer pictures from your gadgets to your computer, you may have copied the file twice, even thrice. This usually happens to images, especially when you have the habit of keeping them in your digital camera, and not deleting them. The next time you’re going to copy them to your computer, files will end up with duplicates.

  1. Develop a System

The easiest way you can locate your files is to label them appropriately. This, of course, is entirely up to you. What works for you may not work for some people, so be sure to adopt a system that you’re comfortable with. For example, you may want to label folders with dates for easier searching. You can divide them into sub-categories as well. Photos and videos can be under your images folder, your music files can be according to artists, documents like excel sheets and word docs can fall into one folder. It all depends on you. Just like what you did with the backups, it’s better to keep them in zip files as well. In that way, you can maximize the allocated space.

Organizing your computer is not just about giving you peace of mind and eliminating files that clutter your device. The best thing about reorganizing and de-cluttering is making your computer perform better. It will be faster, and won’t be prone to freezing and lagging anymore.

WinZip versus 7Zip

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Because there are a lot of existing compression software’s online, choosing the perfect one for your needs becomes a bit confusing and stressful. Using a compression software is not just choosing one and downloading it easily. Users my first of all check and research the software’s capabilities before installing it. Now, there are 2 compression tools that are battling with each other, these software’s are already proven as great and very useful but some users are still confused which is even better. Is WinZip better than 7Zip? What do you think?

WinZip is a compression tool that was first built to cater the needs of Windows users, along with Mac OS X and iOS users. Even Android users are also taking advantage of WinZip. Just like any other software’s, WinZip download uses its own default format which is the Zip file. The basic functionalities of WinZip is it can create files, add files and extract files from archives in Zip format. WinZip is a flexible software as it allows user to directly write archives in Zip format to writable platforms such as the CD and DVD.

In terms of security, WinZip is also reliable as it uses 128 and 256 AES encryption. Now, if you check 7Zip on the other hand, it is also a great source if you want to compress files. This software is an open source which means it comes for free, its default archive format is 7z but it comes with varying user interfaces. 7Zip has good set of features just like WinZip and it is available in different languages.

To name a few, languages such as French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian and more are available for this compression software. This means that people around the globe are welcome to use 7Zip at any given time. WinZip and 7Zip are useful compression tools, but there’s only 1 that shines even brighter and that is WinZip. WinZip although a shareware is still a highly recommended software that can also be used by whoever wants it. It comes with a free use in few given days for user evaluation and it is cross platform. it can work in Windows platform, iOS, Android and OS X just like 7Zip. It is also available in many different languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Czech, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. WinZip therefore is also flexible. The security it provides is also impeccable so trying this software out is a good decision.

WinZip vs. PeaZip

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File compression is an important process for people who deal with large amount of files. With the use of zip compression software’s, projects are a lot easier and faster to work on. This is why .ZIP files are badly needed to enable file compression and storage in folders without compromising your space. One of the most popular compression software’s is the .zip which is an archive file format that uses different compression algorithms as well as supports lossless data compression. When it comes to compression tools, there are 2 compression software’s you might want to download, the WinZip and the PeaZip. These are commonly used due to its features. But which of these 2 compression software’s excel? Which of these 2 is more reliable? Let’s find out.

WinZip is just like any other compression tools; the only difference is that it is flexible as it supports different archive formats aside from its default zip file format. This tool is great for it is cross platform, anyone can use this regardless of what type of computer is being used, it doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or even Android! What can this software do? It can do a lot, in fact it can create, add file to and even extract files from Zip archives. To make your work lesser, it even has an automatic backup function, it is capable of decompression function and it uses AES encryption for safety purposes too. What’s even better is that WinZip is comprised of other sister products that users can enjoy such as its WinZip e-mail companion, WinZip system utilities suite, WinZip self-extractor and more sister products one could ever imagined.

PeaZip on the other hand functions as a file manager too. It can archive files in different Operating Systems such as the Linux, BSD, and Microsoft Windows. Of course, this software supports its very own file format which is the PEA archive format. PeaZip download is highly commendable as it comes with intuitive user navigation. There’s search function and history features to make user experience more enhanced. Just like WinZip, this compression tool is capable of so many things such as the ability to run extraction, archive files automatically, create files, edit files if needed and even restore the layout of an archive file.

If compared against WinZip, PeaZip is said to have a faster or speedy archiving process. However, if it’s overall performance is compared, many users prefer using WinZip. Download PeaZip and download WinZip for both are impressive compression tools you can try for free. It is expected that for every compression tool there will really be some limitations, but when choosing a software, just make sure the one you chose outweighs the negative attributes or limitations. Both PeaZip and WinZip are excellent performers when it comes to compression and archiving of files, which is what’s important plus it’s free!

Winzip Top Compression Software

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It is important for every data processor to have the best file compression program on the system, just like WinZip. It is a fun and worry free experience to have a reliable software to work with your files according to your desired arrangement. WinZip is a convenient file archiver that can greatly grip the size of your computer files. It uses the best method to resize your data in a way that you can create exactly the same amount of contents, this time into its tiny form. This compression software helps you to achieve a well-organize and complete system. WinZip guarantees that you don’t have to pick out which file you should keep and which one to delete, because it secures you a considerable space for all your files, both old and new files.

Besides, this compression program takes out your uncertainty whether your file can be successfully zip or not, because it possesses immense range of formats to pack it successfully. This procedure is also true for unpacking or unzipping of files, WinZip has great technique to provide you and complete the whole process. Be worry free in maximizing the space on your computer, complete all your important files because your true partner is forever at work. Download WinZip top compression software.WinZip is always efficient in reducing extra size from your computer files. It transforms it into single sheered file or archive.

WinZip uses the best configuration and supports refine formats in archiving files. It also seals it with the highest protection out of the complex combination of passwords, which is made possible by the best encrypting program supported by WinZip. This compression software is indeed uncontested in its field. It throws a lot of features, which spice up the user to be more delighted in using this archiving tool. It doesn’t stops from merely compressing files and processed data, instead it makes it a point to integrate, transform, attach and even decode all these files into more usable formats. WinZip can even store or write zip files directly to other physical media format like CD and DVD.

You can also send compressed data as email attachment with the assurance that it will be received by another party in secure and timely manner. This initiative is very important because you don’t have to overthink about the privacy of your files while on transit. Using electronic mail attachments is a usual procedure that should be managed solely by the best compression software, like WinZip. Grab your free WinZip top compression software today. WinZip can both zip and unzip files using the most appropriate methods and formats. It can also back up your compressed files for more secure experience. This is your chance to fill-in your system with all types of data and files that you want. Above all, you can have free WinZip top compression software download now.

Winzip Stable Freeware File Compressor

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When it comes to file handling, you should have consistent and stable partner, just like WinZip. WinZip is a file archiver that can deliver tasks according to your needs. It is an expert in managing files. It can also recognize various types of files with different size and formats. It can carefully reduced bulky files into appreciable file size just enough to be stored in a huge folder. It also guarantees that it can decrease the size of any of your files without deleting or dispersing some of its original contents. The names of the folders can be personalized, the same thing with files wherein you can name and rename it according to your preferred labels. Regardless of the type of options you choose with WinZip it can assure you stable outputs and swift adherence.

WinZip can hold not just files in an archive, but pieces of archives within an archive. It is such a big time and space saver, wherein you no longer have to look for another set of zip files because it can all be included in just a single archive. Furthermore, it supports stable files and formats that are efficiently used in packing and unpacking of files. Aside from its compression and decompression qualities, WinZip also supports formats that are good for decoding. It has also stable integration with the Internet and support powerful protocols in transferring files. WinZip is a reliable organizer that you should have in your system, download WinZip stable freeware file compressor. WinZip has solid foundation in all aspects. It is also well equipped with the best encrypting tools that protects all types of files and archives in highest confidentiality.

Your files are secured with complex passwords which only you can unpack. WinZip has also lots of extended qualities. It can even write various archives with different formats in other physical media like CD and DVD. Also it is efficient in transferring files. Sending archives as attachments through email is a light process that can be achieved in few seconds. It can also recognize various codes and contents which are available from different local languages worldwide. All these stable qualities of WinZip are carefully designed in order to support your advance needs in file archiving and managing. Another, it is distributed with new and latest versions which you can try anytime and you can still expect the same consistency and precision.

Furthermore, the strong support of huge platforms and OS with WinZip also contributes a lot with the high stability of the file archiving software. Download free WinZip stable freeware file compressor. WinZip is also very adaptive file archiver. It has the versatility to cope with the variation of formats and commands. It has tools that can help you create the most organized and secured archived. It is also a good converter, filter, decoder, manager and many more roles but it is always constant in delivering the best tasks. Now it’s time to rearrange all those disorganized and unsecure files, you can surely rely with your free WinZip stable freeware file compressor download.