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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy we have outlined in our site serves as a legal document that binds our site and our site users to abide by the rules and regulations outlined. Our team values each site user and before exploring our site, we highly recommend each user to double check and read everything outlined before further clicking on other pages. In this way users will know how our site manages any information we have collected and how we exactly utilize or use our users information. The protection of privacy for all site visitors is also important and valuable to us therefore the need to read this privacy policy is highly recommended.


Collected Information


Our site collects different types of information from our site visitors. We are a proponent of transparency and trusts therefore here are the information we may be able to gather from each site users; the contact information of each user such as the e-mail address, the name, the mobile number or any contact number, and possibly the physical address, age of the user, date of birth, and some demographic data that we may find useful. Demographic data such as the zip code of the user, the gender and more.


Use of Information


The information we have gathered are collected for different purposes. Please be assured that we do not use gathered information to perform fraudulous acts that may harm the private personality of our users. The usual reasons behind for collection of data are to provide the right kind of requests needed, to enable users to join any special features if ever in the future such as surveys or newsletters, special offers if there is or any important notification, to provide personalized experience and customized content every time users visits our site.


Security of Information


As stated earlier, our site does not use any collected information for illegal acts. The security of our site users is highly valued and prioritized therefore site visitors can rest assure that we do not share any personal information collected nor sell it in exchange of financial gain or services. Our site uses high end system that safeguards pertinent data in order to avoid any possible hack or phishing incidents. Therefore, we guarantee a safe visit to all users all the time.


Users Choice


We exercise freedom on our site therefore whether you decide to share information or not, we leave it to the discretion of our users. Should you chose to share your important and some personal information, we highly appreciate it. However, if you are not comfortable sharing your information or you prefer not to have any connection with us, you have the freedom to click away from our site.


Disclosure Agreement


By your continuous visit and usage of our site after reading our policies carefully, it only means you have granted us your full consent and you have understood everything on this site regarding the collection of data and software use.