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WinZip Alternative

WinZip Alternative

WinZip Alternative


WinZip Alternative


WinZip is your ever reliable shareware compressor and file archiver on different platforms. It is the most trusted zip software for Windows, Android, OS X and iOS. Ideally, Winzip uses Zip format in creating different archives. However, due to the resiliency of this file archiver, you are also assured of vast support from other range of archive formats.


Aside from the ability of WinZip to produce quality zip files, it has also great features to offer you. It can guarantee you of maximum protection for the security of your private files using no less than the Advanced Encryption Standard.


It can also commendably reduce the size of your files without losing any of the original contents. Now, if you’re curious of the possible alternatives that WinZip might have. We have prepared you great options for you to compare briefly and see for yourself. You may also download WinZip Alternative today.



First on the list is 7-Zip. This file archiver has open source codes. The main function of this software application is to compress files using no less than 7z archive format. Nonetheless, since this tiny file archiver is also known as your total zip utility software. You can always count on its power to recognize other types of archive formats.


Yes, with a negligible file size of 1.31 MB, this software application can already save you from disorganize files and bulky stuff. It is also capable of unpacking files and archives with damage or corrupted filenames and allows you to rename it appropriately. Likewise, it enables you to keep your files privately by encrypting your directory of files with complex passwords.


Hence, nobody can open your files and archives unless appropriate password was supplied. In case you’re considering this option, you can always get this free WinZip Alternative download, because it is also free software under GNU LGPL.



FreeArc is free and open source data compressor utility software. It is mainly produced for Windows and GNU/Linux Operating System. This file archiver has plenty of prominent features to offer you. It uses the best algorithms and filters for more comprehensive support.


It is also capable of detecting and removing redundancy from texts. FreeArc is simple file archiver but it is noted of its high compression ratio compare to other Zip software. Likewise, it features smart updates for solid compression which eliminates any recompression process. It is also capable of creating self-extracting installers and archives.


If you’re after with the archive protection, then FreeArc flaunts you with not just one encryption program but 4. It includes Serpent, Blowfish, Twofish and AES. It also allows you to recover your files over the Internet. Like this WinZip Alternative? Download now.



Among all other file archiver, Info-Zip can captivate you with several powerful installable packages. It includes the Wiz, MacZip, Zip and UnZip. These packages are command-line utilities and GUI for archiving programs on your well-known platforms like Windows and Mac.


Info-Zip is an open source file archiver which means you can utilize it instantly to arrange your files using your own choice of OS. You can use your unzip packages to extract file in a gzip file or create a ZIP file into an executable self-extracting archive and more.


Likewise, you can immediately use the new utilities added on your Zip package. It includes the ZipCloak, ZipSplit and ZipNote.



If you’re looking for the cleanest file manager out of your Winzip Alternative, well PeaZip can volunteer. This noted file manager and file compressor diligently works to save you space and organize your files systematically. It supports great selections of archiving formats for efficient compression of files and archives.


Similarly, it can offer your advance methods for encrypting, extracting and managing your files. It uses an archive browser interface and command-line to achieve all these processes. PeaZip is also capable of creating, editing and restoring archive’s layout. Hence, it enables you to speeds up archiving process and backup operation technique.


In case, you wonder for the meaning of pea in PeaZip, it’s Pack Encrypt Authenticate. Nonetheless, it is a multiple platform file archiver and under General Public License, you can download it conveniently on your favorite devices.



WinRAR is a popular shareware data compression and file archiver utility software application. It is also known of its vast scope of support for achiving formats and files. It is also made up of consistent features, which makes it a prominent backup utility solution too.


WinRAR has multiple language interfaces that hold more than 40 language support. It can amaze you with its tiny file size of less than 2 MB. Still it can polish you great tasks in reducing the size of your files and saving a lot of space on your drive.


WinRAR has plenty of versions to offer you. You simply have to choose wisely and for sure you’ll have the daintiest and most secure files and archives ever.


Save Space Manage Your Files!

With the set of all these great Winzip Alternative, you’ll definitely have the most organized computers ever. Each one has its own default features but thrills you with more extended qualities. This group of data compression and backup utility software is guaranteed the best of its kind. With all its versatile functions, you’ll save a lot in all aspects including time, money, and energy usage.


Of course, space on your drive. You’ll be also at peace that despite of the economical file size of your files and archives, none of its contents was dispersed from the original copy. Likewise, the confidentially of your files are never compromised.


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WinZip Alternative
WinZip Alternative . WinZip is your ever reliable shareware compressor and file archiver on different platforms