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Most of the personal computers 10 years from now back were made without storage space and application speed considered. The only purpose it was made for was then to ease up typing from manual typewriter and into an easy keyboard typing procedure.


File compression programs were then unnecessary. When the advent of technology made its rise, the need to save, send, and receive files started. Then the search for the most essential file saving software also started to take its toll.


Then everyone wants to tighten up file folders, shorten down download and upload and download speeds, and so on. This is when WinZip was made to realize. This is the most comprehensive file archiver of the decade, it appears.

WinZip Download

WinZip Download




WinZip Download


WinZip as standard file archivers can simply handle almost all sorts of files. It can manage to sequence and organize contents accordingly without having to go through each file, one by one. Now the weight or the type of files no longer matter, as long as you do have a file archiver such as this. Here are some of the other reasons why so far WinZip is the archiver of the decade:



  • WinZip encryption feature calles AES-256.

WinZip can support Zip, 7Z, JPEG, MPEG, CPIO, CHM, and a lot more others.  It has strong formats integration and it can easily detect Windows programs.



  • WinZip is an open-source freeware which is easily accessible.

It can only handle files specific to the installed operating system of the unit and this is definitely an efficient program that can really reach as much as 90% of your file archiving requirements.



  • WinZip can run on both 32 and 64 bit map for both Windows and Linux.

This is very beneficial to those who are still experimenting on the task of file archiving. This is why this is the most reliable file compressor, so far.



  • WinZip can extract archived formats and it can interpret different languages.

This is too flexible as this is not just available in English language. This has up to 70 conversions making it the most flexible and most comprehensive when it comes to file compression.



  • WinZip has the capability to read different file format, audio and video alike.

This tool supports a huge range of file compression projects. WinZip also allows file import and export from one network to another. In case you are new to file compression, the best thing for you to do is read reviews and see file archiving websites.


Read about them and see what each of this file compression software can offer. Otherwise, you will end up downloading one and regret it a little later. These are all the main points of the most comprehensive file archiver of the decade.


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