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WinZip vs. PeaZip

👤 🕔 July 16, 2014 0

File compression is an important process for people who deal with large amount of files. With the use of zip compression software’s, projects are a lot easier and faster to work on. This is why .ZIP files are badly needed to enable file compression and storage in folders without compromising your space. One of the most popular compression software’s is the .zip which is an archive file format that uses different compression algorithms as well as supports lossless data compression. When it comes to compression tools, there are 2 compression software’s you might want to download, the WinZip and the PeaZip. These are commonly used due to its features. But which of these 2 compression software’s excel? Which of these 2 is more reliable? Let’s find out.

WinZip is just like any other compression tools; the only difference is that it is flexible as it supports different archive formats aside from its default zip file format. This tool is great for it is cross platform, anyone can use this regardless of what type of computer is being used, it doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or even Android! What can this software do? It can do a lot, in fact it can create, add file to and even extract files from Zip archives. To make your work lesser, it even has an automatic backup function, it is capable of decompression function and it uses AES encryption for safety purposes too. What’s even better is that WinZip is comprised of other sister products that users can enjoy such as its WinZip e-mail companion, WinZip system utilities suite, WinZip self-extractor and more sister products one could ever imagined.

PeaZip on the other hand functions as a file manager too. It can archive files in different Operating Systems such as the Linux, BSD, and Microsoft Windows. Of course, this software supports its very own file format which is the PEA archive format. PeaZip download is highly commendable as it comes with intuitive user navigation. There’s search function and history features to make user experience more enhanced. Just like WinZip, this compression tool is capable of so many things such as the ability to run extraction, archive files automatically, create files, edit files if needed and even restore the layout of an archive file.

If compared against WinZip, PeaZip is said to have a faster or speedy archiving process. However, if it’s overall performance is compared, many users prefer using WinZip. Download PeaZip and download WinZip for both are impressive compression tools you can try for free. It is expected that for every compression tool there will really be some limitations, but when choosing a software, just make sure the one you chose outweighs the negative attributes or limitations. Both PeaZip and WinZip are excellent performers when it comes to compression and archiving of files, which is what’s important plus it’s free!

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